Going to Eat Pot Stickers and Found Slate Wine Bar

I had to travel to DC today on relatively short notice for an important meeting. After my meeting was over, I drove up to Glover Park to meet my Bolshevik best friend for a drink and maybe a bite to eat. While walking down Wisconsin Avenue to the place with the world’s best pot stickers, we saw a new place that neither of us had been to, and we decided to stop. This is how I discovered Slate Wine Bar and Bistro.

eamonGranted I’ve been living in Pennsylvania for almost a decade now, but I had the largest and most tasty mussels that I ever remember eating. They were easily three time the sizes of the last mussels I’d eaten not a week earlier. We sampled several of their small plates. I tweeted a couple of things about the experience, and while we sat there and Danny the chef (Daniel Lledo) had a special desert made and sent over to us. He got to the restaurant not long after and greeted us and thanked me for the kind words.

I plan to return, and hopefully someday for one of their Sunday brunches. There is a menu on the website, but there is a special menus for the Sunday brunch that is not advertised. I hope you check out this place and have as good of an experience as I had. Slate Wine Bar and Bistro are located at, 2404 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202-333-4304