Not My Mother’s Pot Pie

by Council Nedd II

I wasn’t planning to write my first actual food post for another day or two. However, I had an experience that I thought well worth sharing. I was given a tip that a wonderful dish was prepared by Peter Shelby, the head Chef at the Knoll House. So, of course I had to try it.

chefs at the Knoll HouseI wasn’t sure exactly what he had prepared, so I was surprised to be greeted with pot pie. Pot pie, was a staple of sorts in my house while growing up. It was so much of a staple in fact that I believe the last time I ate one was in 1984. I even avoided pot pie when all of my friends and colleagues would rave about the pot pies at the Hotel Harrington, in Washington, DC.

I don’t ever remember a pot pie being as savory as the one that was placed in front of me yesterday. Pete prepared a chicken, ham and leek pot pie in a bechamel sauce that was baked into a simple yet perfectly prepared and flaky shell.

The other big surprise for me that I actually ate and enjoyed leeks. For some reason I have always avoided leeks. Had I known what I was eating at the time I would have picked out all those bits of leek. Fortunately the translation of “praz” came well after I had completed my meal.

The other evening I had another such experience, where I ate and enjoyed something I would have never normally eaten. I will be talking about this a little later when I write my piece on some of the pastries that I have enjoyed, but it involved a traditional Austrian cake topped with meringue.