We Are Souls With Bodies

St. Paul says, while we do happen to live on this earth, we really belong in heaven. By the way, CS Lewis says it another way, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” Regardless, we Christians look to heaven for Jesus to come again and take us with him. When Jesus comes back he will raise us up from the dead and change our mortal bodies into immortal bodies just like his.

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Thank You For Your Support

Dear All,

It’s been a few days since the election.  I have been meaning to write this letter sooner, but I have just been exhausted.  Despite this exhaustion, I was still only managing about 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night until last night. I’ve not told anyone this, but from the moment I first had the idea to run for constable, I began praying to God.  I told God that I didn’t know if this is what he wanted for me, but that I wanted it. If by His grace I was fortunate enough to get elected, I wanted to use this to build and grow His kingdom. So, I thank God for letting me borrow this particular leadership role. Thank you to everyone who helped, supported me, and the almost 600 people that took the time to write in “Council Nedd II” on their ballot.  Without the help of all of you, I would not have won with around 70% of the vote.  I am using approximate numbers because all the write in ballots have not yet been “certified”.  As Tish and Jodi, who work in the election office, said to me today, “next time, do everyone a favor and get on the ballot.”  No one was prepared for a write-in campaign of this magnitude.

  • Some people got behind me early and did not hesitate when I asked for their support and official endorsements:
  • Two retired PA State Troopers, and a beautiful couple, Lt. Bill and Cpl. Toni Gilhooley;
  • One of my closest friends, the star of TLC’s newest hit show, Suddenly Royal, former State Trooper, Pam Howe;
  • Political pundit and former NYPD officer, and friend from the Kelly File, Bill Stanton; and
  • Niger Innis from TPNN

There are a couple of people I owe a special debt of thanks.  First, let me begin by thanking Bill & Inez Howe, and their nephew, for encouraging this idea from the beginning.  I also want to thank one of my oldest friends Mr. Eamon M. Clifford who actually developed and revised the winning campaign strategy.  I also want to thank Miss Emma Poyntz who edited the campaign literature and orchestrated  my on-line efforts.

I certainly cannot forget my election day poll workers, Dr. Wendy Coulson, Dr. Jim Edwards, Fr. Fred Erb, and Mr. Eamon Clifford.  Their presence at the various polling places made all the difference.  By the way, Eamon gets the award for travelling the farthest to help at the polls.  Lastly, I want to thank a few people who made an extra effort to get out to vote and get their friends to support me; Julie Miller of State College, Scott Huch, the Wheeler family of Pine Grove Mills, the Amato family of Pine Grove Mills, the Mahle family of State College, the Damus family of State College, Heidi Cole of State College, and Carol Demetrick of Pine Grove Mills.  I cannot forget the members and friends of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove Mills.  Of course, I have to show gratitude to the Robertson Family of Arlington, VA, Peter, Suzie, Rachel and Sarah Jane. Although we have very different political  views, they have never turned their backs on me and have supported me in every endeavor.

So, what happens next?  I am waiting for my official certification of my election victory.  Once I have the certification number, I can then register for my required Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) classes that I must take to do the job.  Sometime in January, I believe the 21st, I will be sworn in as constable. Again, I want to thank everyone for their unwavering support.  God bless you. Regards,

Rejoice and Glory in All Saints

Poor in Spirit is a odd term that gets misused by people with social or political agendas. The best way to understand the term, Poor in Spirit, isn’t as an indicator of quantity, but rather of awareness of dependency. Someone in poor health needs the help of doctors and caregivers. Someone truly poor in wealth, not only has little, but has so little that they could not survive without the resources and grace of a community… whether civil, familial or religious.

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Vengeance is God’s — Not Ours

Vengeance may be fun to contemplate, but God doesn’t approve of it.  Or rather, he doesn’t of approve of us indulging in it.  The reason for this is that a desire for vengeance, or at least our human concept of it, actually serves to separate us from God. It runs entirely counter to everything God is and everything he stands for. Remember, God tells us that He is love.

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Only Luke Is With Me

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Luke the Evangelist. He is called an evangelist because he wrote the third of the four New Testament Gospels. St. Luke also wrote the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, which comes just after the Gospels in the New Testament. Taken together, St. Luke’s Gospel and Acts form a continuous story of the birth of Christianity from the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist, to St. Paul’s imprisonment in Rome, in about 60 A.D.

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