Sigma Phi Epsilon: Now For A Positive Story About A Greek Letter Fraternity

sig ep 1With so many stories in the news about misconduct, illegal activities, and repulsive behavior perpetrated by undergraduate members of Greek fraternities, I thought I would be slightly contrary to the trend, and share a positive experience. My prime responsibility and my true joy comes from serving as the rector of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove Mills, PA.   Pine Grove Mills is in Happy Valley and about 5 miles from the campus of Penn State University.

 Every year our parish has a Spring clean-up. We had several pretty big projects that we wanted to undertake this year and we were short of (young) manpower. I spoke to one of the members of the congregation, Dr. Jim Edwards, who is an alumni member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and very active and involved in the lives of the Sig Ep chapter at Penn State University. In fact, because of Dr. Edwards, as a church we have been praying collectively for the fraternity every Sunday and Tuesday.

So, when we needed help with our Spring cleaning the men of the Sigma Phi Epsilon were eager to help. They arrived on time and ready to work. They could not have been more polite or respectful. The building has never been cleaner or in better condition… and I could not be more thankful.