Trump toughens immigration laws, Dems not happy

A Pennsylvania constable is standing in strong support of the tough new immigration laws passed by the United States House of Representatives – and for a good reason.

Two important immigration bills have passed the House and currently await action in the U.S. Senate.

Project 21 Black Leadership Network Council Nedd II, who also serves as an elected state constable in Pennsylvania and a co-chairman of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network approaches the issue of illegal immigration with firsthand experience….For the rest of the story, click here.

CAPTURED: Cassey Linn Pressler

Cassey Linn Pressler is wanted by the office of Pennsylvania State Constable Council Nedd

A Bench Warrant was issued on May 5th 2017 for Cassey Linn Pressler. This warrant was issued for failure to appear in Court, for allegedly endangering the welfare of a child. She is not to leave Centre County and we need your help to locate her.

My Office has the “Shelter Care Order” for her two-year-old child Jace.  If you know where to find Cassey or Jace, please call my office immediately at (814) 571-9375 or call 9-1-1.

Two More Big Law Enforcement Endorsements for the Campaign of Linsey Landis

To: All Media Outlets
From: LESMA Board and LEOSA PA staff
Subject: Linsey Landis for district 41-3-02

The board and staff of LESMA and its sister organization LEOSA PA are pleased to announce that they are endorsing Mrs. Linsey Landis for District Magistrate in the upcoming May 16th election. Upon review of her background and experience it is clear that she is uniquely qualified for the position. Her time as a deputy sheriff along with being a loving mother gives her an insight into the needs of the community for both those who live there and those who serve it. Mrs. Landis has shown that she can be firm, fair and above all maintain a level of statesmanship second to none.

Our organization prides itself in backing law enforcement candidates in all political races throughout the country. We work hard to ensure that the candidates are of high moral fiber, dedicated and above all fit to serve their community and Linsey Landis is just such a candidate. We encourage all of our members and affiliates (locally and nationally) to support and back Mrs. Landis in her upcoming spring run.

Fraternally yours,
Mr. David Chianese

The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables Endorses Linsey Landis for Magisterial District Judge

Harrisburg, PA  Lifelong Juniata County resident, wife, mother and deputy sheriff, Linsey Landis has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables in her run for District Magistrate against the incumbent.

The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables endorsed Landis for district judge in the primary race for district 41-3-02, which serves the Boroughs of Mifflin and Port Royal as well as the townships of Beal, Lack, Milford, Spruce Hill, Turbett, Tuscarora and Walker.

“It is with great pride and honor that the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Constables gives its endorsement to Linsey Landis in the 2017 Spring Primary Municipal election. She understands the needs of her community, and appreciates the role that constables play in the operations of the minor judiciary,” said Constable Council Nedd, a board member and chaplain for the FOC.

Nedd continued, “due to Linsey’s experience and background, this organization feels that Ms. Landis will be a fair and honest official in the execution of her duties as a Magisterial District Judge, and will restore integrity to the office.”

Constables in Pennsylvania are peace officers that provide security and enforcement services for district courts.

The primary election is May 16, and we encourage all to support Linsey Landis for Magisterial District Judge.



Multiple Agency Warrant Sweep

On Thursday March 23, 2017, the office of Pennsylvania State Constable Council Nedd, participated in warrant sweep with the Ferguson Township Police Warrant Squad and the Paton Township Police Warrant Squad.  The warrant squads were seeking individuals with outstanding summary warrants.  A total of 43 warrants were served before Magisterial District Judge Ronald J. Horner.  Constable Nedd closed out 18 warrants on the day of the sweep.  The charges were for traffic and non-traffic violations.

These warrant sweeps are important. Once charges are brought against an individual, the must be resolved in court and the defendant held accountable.  Though serious criminal warrants take priority over summary offences, all of the involved agencies make it a priority to serve all warrants.

Those with active warrants are encouraged to report to the local police department or district court to resolve the warrant so they are not inconvenienced by being placed under arrest at home, work, or school.