Our Faith and Heritage Has Held America Together in Crisis

by Archbishop Council Nedd II

In November of 1861, as the nation faced the prospect of a long and bloody civil war, a lone preacher from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania wrote to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase with an idea.

The Reverend M. R. Watkinson proposed that America’s currency be used to remind its citizens of our common religious heritage and the divine inspiration that gave birth to United States.  Secretary Chase agreed, and “In God We Trust” was added to the design of the two-cent coin in 1864.

Today, America faces new challenges concerning our national safety and unity.  We must contend with an unpopular war oversees, crises in health care and education and a government that seems more concerned with trivial partisan matters than in solving real problems.

Secretary Chase and the Reverend Watkinson realized back then that the true strength of the United States was its unique commitment to being “One nation, under God.”  Today, however, there are people among us who are determined to subvert religious expression and undermine our common heritage and national unity.

Instead of celebrating the religious convictions that inspired America’s founding and helped build the shared heritage that still binds our people together, these radicals are attacking them.  Under the guise of promoting “liberty,” they are pitting American against American in a ruthless attempt to ban all recognition of God from public life.  They lobby to change our currency.  They push to ban prayer in schools.  They fight tooth-and-nail to tear down a picture of the Ten Commandments from a courthouse wall.

Instead of using their considerable energy and organizational skills to solve real problems, they attack Christian groups that serve the poor by administering government grants.

These soldiers in the army of political correctness claim religion is divisive and hurtful.  Yet it is they and their dangerous fanaticism that seek to devolve and divide our nation into primitive tribes of squabbling special interest groups.  America is a religious nation founded on religious principles.  That is a fact.  Our belief that there is a higher power than politicians or government is a unifying force.  It is a heritage that we are obligated by our creator to defend.

It is time to push back against these radicals and their ridiculous ideas.  We must stand up to the militant left and its efforts to divide our great nation by banning the public recognition of God. For too long, anti-religious radicals have been awarded too much respect.  Their arguments are no longer the kooky ideas thought up by out-of-touch college professors.  The anti-religion lobby in the United States is large and growing.  Its influence has spawned an entirely new vocabulary of hate speech such as “Jesus freak” and “Christofacists.”  Bigoted comments are also directed at our Jewish brothers and sisters on so-called “progressive” online forums.

This contempt for people of faith and America’s roots is tearing our nation apart.

Over 150 years ago, America faced a great challenge.  Our leaders rose to the occasion by placing their faith and the fate of their nation in God’s hands.  Will our leaders do the same today, or will left-wing interest groups succeed in dividing our nation even further?

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Project 21 member Council Nedd II, the bishop of the Chesapeake and the Northeast for the Episcopal Missionary Church, is the honorary chairman of In God We Trust (http://www.ingodwetrustusa.org) – a group formed to oppose anti-religious bigotry.  Comments may be sent to Project21@nationalcenter.org .

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Archbishop Council Nedd, bio

Bishop Council Nedd II

Global Religious Leader t Public Policy Influencer t Conservative Voice t International Healthcare Strategist & Educator

Global Religious Leader

In 2005 Bishop Nedd became the youngest bishop in the world, and in 2010, the youngest archbishop in the world. As Archbishop of the Episcopal Missionary Church, Bishop Nedd presided over Anglican churches in the United States, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). During 2011 while living in the UAE, Bishop Nedd had multiple private audiences with members of the royal family. One of the crowning achievements of his term as archbishop has been the successful rescue of an entire family of persecuted Syrian Christians, whom he helped establish asylum in Scotland. Bishop Nedd facilitated an unprecedented intercommunion agreement with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and also led delegations to ecumenical dialogues with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.

Public Policy Influencer

Bishop Nedd worked on Capitol Hill for three Members of Congress and the Republican National Committee. Because of his political acumen, he has made a name for himself as a crisis manager, a thorough investigator and connected health care strategist. After leaving Washington, he maintained contact with numerous Members of Congress who now serve as House committee chairs and United States Senators.

Every year, Bishop Nedd mails about 2.5 million Americans with updates about the left’s attempts to remove God from the fabric of American society. Additionally, about 100,000 petitions are delivered annually to Members of Congress from supporters of Bishop Nedd’s organization, In God We Trust.

Conservative Voice

Bishop Nedd can be heard regularly on talk radio and seen on national television, providing commentary on a wide range of public policy issues including health care, education, the war on terror and Islamic extremism, second amendment rights, the right to life, and religious freedom. His op-eds can be read regularly in various newspapers around the country, and he is a recognized conservative on social media, where he can often be found engaging his 50k followers on Twitter.

International Healthcare Strategist

An expert in health care policy, he worked as a health care strategist on the state, federal, and international level, pushing through and passing numerous initiatives. Bishop Nedd also successfully lobbied the World Health Organization, coordinating and directing a vast coalition effort to stop the spread of counterfeit and subtherapeutic prescription drugs in the developing world.

Bishop Nedd established a registry of parish nurses and, by hosting a series of workshops and utilizing electronic media, educated them on Medicare Part D. Through lecturing at civic organizations along the eastern seaboard, he has also been active in the campaign to eradicate Polio.


Bishop Nedd’s interest in education and young people led him to take a two-year sabbatical from the politics of Washington, to teach U.S. history and to establish and coach a policy debate team at a public charter high school in the nation’s capital. Bishop Nedd also helped establish a rugby team at another D.C. charter school, serving kids from underserved communities. Although no longer teaching, Bishop Nedd has provided scholarships to assist needy children, has established a primary school in Nairobi, Kenya, and even raised money to reopen and staff an orphanage in Abuja, Nigeria.

Despite all the demands on Bishop Nedd’s time, he still manages to preach at St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove Mills, PA about 45 Sundays per year.