Project 21 Members Dominate Media Discussions About ‘Black Lives Matter’

by  Jennifer Biddison
Recently the news media has been abuzz with stories about the Black Lives Matter movement and its possible connection to the recent trend of murdered police officers.  And right smack in the middle of the media discussions have been several members of our Project 21 black leadership network.

This past Friday, September 4, the Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File” held a discussion entitled “Black Lives Matter and 2016.”  Project 21 members Stacy Washington and Bishop Council Nedd II were part of the lively discussion.  For the full story, click here.



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Exceptional & Exceptionally Dressed

This Was High Cotton

You may be wondering why I am including a picture of, former Vice President, Dick Cheney and myself in the fashion section of my website.  Well, what had happened was…

… I was in the green room of Fox Studios waiting to be apart of another discussion on the Kelly File.  This episode was about the Black Lives Matter movement.  Regardless, Vice President Cheney and his daughter Liz were there promoting their new book Exceptional.  As is often the case when two manly-men and alpha males meet, a spontaneous discussion of men’s fashion broke out, the details of which I cannot share.  Needless to say this is the only evidence that such an event ever took place.

If you want to know more, ask me privately and I may tell you.