We Are Souls With Bodies

St. Paul says, while we do happen to live on this earth, we really belong in heaven. By the way, CS Lewis says it another way, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” Regardless, we Christians look to heaven for Jesus to come again and take us with him. When Jesus comes back he will raise us up from the dead and change our mortal bodies into immortal bodies just like his.

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Vengeance is God’s — Not Ours

Vengeance may be fun to contemplate, but God doesn’t approve of it.  Or rather, he doesn’t of approve of us indulging in it.  The reason for this is that a desire for vengeance, or at least our human concept of it, actually serves to separate us from God. It runs entirely counter to everything God is and everything he stands for. Remember, God tells us that He is love.

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My Morning

I have a wonderful neighbor named Buck.

Buck’s mother lives next door to him and behind me.

Buck called me a few moments ago.

I knew what he wanted.

He’s called me for this reason before.

Occasionally his mother knocks the phone off the hook

Buck gets worried and asks me to go check on her.

There is always a bit of dread on my part.

But I knock and she answers with a big smile and says,

“I’ll call my son.”