The Style Council… Fall into Fashion

by Council Nedd II

It’s that time of year to begin looking for the latest Fall fashions, or to find great bargains on Summer items that stores are trying to get off the shelf.  No matter your goal, now is the time to look. Clearly, over the last couple of years men’s fashions have taken a decidedly hipster/metro turn.  However, I was personally unfazed by this because I tend not to gravitate toward the trendy, but towards classic men’s fashions.

That’s said, it appears that simplicity is slowly becoming trendy again.  There are less-gaudy packet squares, and less cartoon socks. So please keep that in mind abbou-a023aba69d3fe0b5as you are adding to your wardrobe.

There is no shortage of places to purchase affordable bespoke or high-quality off-the-rack suits. I want to share with you some of my favorite places and brands.  Currently my favorite men’s designer is by far Jospeh Abboud.  His suits fit me perfectly. I have the build of an aging former athlete. People assume that I still workout, but I don’t. I keep planning on losing a few pounds, but it never happens.

His suits work flawlessly for me, clean lines, perfectly (not overly) tapered waist, and quality stitching. They can be purchased directly from Joseph Abboud. Or, as I now literally live in the middle of nowhere, you can purchase them where I now buy most of my suits and outerwear, at the Men’s Warehouse.

Any commentary from me about shoes will be slightly different than a lot of things that I might have said a couple of years ago — before I broke my ankle. However, the basics are still the same. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. Most people will not notice if your shoes are scuffed or dirty, however, they will take note if they are nice and well polished.

Stacy adamsA quick look at my five most recent shoe purchases and I find two pairs of Stacy Adams brogues. This is surprising to me because historically, their shoes haven’t appealed to me. However, I continue to be a fan of Johnston & Murphy dress shoes.  For more casual shoes, I like Steve Madden. Also, I have been wearing Dr. Martens for almost 30 years, and their line of shoes is larger and more versatile than ever than ever.

I was going to include accessories in this piece, but I think I will talk about fall accessories at a later date.