Beau Knows

by Council Nedd II

About a year ago, probably almost to the day, a friend turned me on to the writing of Australian poet, Beau Christopher Taplin.  I had long given up on attempting to read the writings of modern “poets”, because I find most of it to be poorly rhymed, ham-handed narcissism.  However, I was struck by the few pieces of Beau’s that I did read and kept seeking out more and more.

beau taplin portraitSo, the Beau Knows section will feature pieces of his work.  However, I encourage everyone to support this gifted modern bard.  A description of Beau and his work in his own words…

“I enjoy igniting little fires in my fellow human beings with words then printing those words on lots of paper and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be allowed the opportunity to call that an occupation. From the south of France to Tennessee, to Jordan, Sweden and Singapore – my works have found homes all around the world and I am endlessly grateful for the wonderful support. Everyday is a good day. If you are new around these parts then I’d like to formally welcome you to the club. Unfortunately the drinks are BYO but the people are wild and there’s no lockout. You in?”

Following is a link to his website.