10 thoughts on “Ladies, Is It True?

    • Council Nedd

      Thank you for your feedback. You were the only one to respond to this blog post directly, However, others did respond on my twitter feed. Thanks again for your feedback and extraordinary taste.


  1. Donna Hebert

    Absolutely. Suits say so much more than a man might be a clothes hound or successful. It can also suggest self-confidence, respect to others for caring about his appearance, and maybe most importantly, that he respects himself enough to promote himself in the most positive manner in a world that unfortunately still lives by first impressions.


  2. €a£ewis

    Nothing is sexier than a man in a well tailored suit…it’s a sign that he takes care of himself and what woman isn’t intrigued by that?


  3. Likky Nkhatho

    I always thought I’m perceived to be too formal as a suit with a tie or just with smart-fit shirt has always been my favorite attire. I just learned something new about it.


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